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  • Polygraph Test

    A polygraph test or a lie detector test, explores the physiological activities of the body. When a person is questioned by a polygraph examiner, data of his physiological responses to the questions is recorded. Later, the score sheet is analysed and as per the analysis falsehood and truthfulness is decided. We provide lie detector test services in every possible case scenario. Some of the specific situations where a polygraph test can come very handy are:

  • Pre-employment Testing

    Would you put your business at risk by employing someone who could be undesirable or dishonest. Our testing consists of a comprehensive pre-employment interview into the areas of education, work history, gambling, indebtedness, criminality, honesty and illegal drug use. Now standard for many US Government employees. The validity for such inferences depends on specifying and testing a plausible theory that links evidence of past behavior, such as illegal drug use, to future behavior of a different kind, such as revealing classified information.

  • Investigations

    Lie Detector Test UK, Provides expert assistance in investigations of any nature. Our highly trained experts perform accurate polygraph tests on the accused and provide guaranteed results. This polygraph search filter helps the investigating departments to narrow down their search, thereby saving precious time and energy. We had assisted corporate agencies and federal departments many times with cent per cent success.

  • Domestic Dispute Resolution

    We provide highly confidential tests when several issues like extra- martial affairs, relationship crisis and back stabbing dampen your life. Why live a life of doubt, pain and uncertainties when you can get the truth served in less than an hour! Lie Detector Test UK has expert polygraph examiners who are all qualified from the best American Polygraph Academies. We resolve domestic disputes with technology, helping you to get your personal life back on the track.

  • Employee Theft/Fraud

    Employee theft is a major issue that concerns business owners today. It can prove to be a major loss for the owners if their own trusted men and women are causing them loss. If you feel your profits going down the hill unexpectedly it is time to get your staff a polygraph examination. We provide excellent Lie Detector Test analysis that helps you determine if your money is flowing to the wrong pockets. Prevent yourself from being cheated.

  • Media & Current Affairs

    I have developed a specialist test based on the latest certified scientific techniques to help the media ensure their sources are truthful and trustworthy. Why not verify your sources first, using the polygraph you now can.

  • Post Conviction Sexual Offender Testing (PCSOT)

    This is a specialized area of polygraph testing, requiring extra examiner training. We work closely with therapists and local communities and authorities to ensure that convicted sexual offenders are adhering to the rules of their treatment and probation, and ensure they are not involved in re-offending. We have Police officers now in the UK testing sex offenders on probation.

  • Tournament Federations

    It is well known that medals have been won wrongly with performance enhancing drugs. Though strictness is being maintained now but still athletes are using those drugs that are undetectable by any methods of medical testings. Here also polygraphs provide an efficient way out. We provide lie detector tests to ascertain if the medal were won righteously.

  • Bribery/Kickback allegations

    Polygraph tests can be administered in these situations for truth verification. Using the polygraph we can get to the bottom of the issue. You may be a individual who wants to prove your innocence or an employer looking for clarification. Bribery is a act that can not be proved by any medical examinations, lie detector test provides a cheap way to confirm if there has been a case of bribery.

  • False and malicious allegations

    You may be accused of doing something that you are unable to prove you didn’t do. Taking a polygraph examination will answer whether or not what the allegation or issue you have been accused of is true or not. A polygraph examination can be used to support you claim of innocence.