UK Lie Detector Services

  • Polygraph Test

    A polygraph test or a lie detector test, explores the physiological activities of the body to ascertain whether someone is lying to a specific incident. When a person is questioned by a qualified APA polygraph examiner, data of his physiological responses to the questions is recorded. Later, the charts are analysed and as per the analysis falsehood and truthfulness is decided. We provide lie detector test services in every possible case scenario. Some of the specific situations where a polygraph test can come very handy are:

  • Pre-employment Testing

    Would you put your business at risk by employing someone who could be undesirable or dishonest? Our testing consists of a comprehensive pre-employment interview into the areas of education, work history, gambling, indebtedness, criminality, honesty and illegal drug use. Now standard for many US Government employees. The validity for such inferences depends on specifying and testing a plausible theory that links evidence of past behavior, such as illegal drug use, to future behavior of a different kind, such as revealing classified information. We have done plenty of work for prominent families in the UK who wish to perform as much due diligence on staff who work with their children as possible.

  • Investigations

    Lie Detector Test UK, provides expert assistance in investigations of any nature. Our highly trained examiners perform accurate polygraph tests on the accused and provide guaranteed results. This polygraph search filter helps the investigating departments to narrow down their search, thereby saving precious time and energy. We had assisted corporate agencies and many private investigators many times with very high success rate, talk to us about our corporate rates, we have good relationships with many investigators who often refer work to us.

  • Domestic Dispute Resolution

    Suspect your partner of cheating on you? Relationship in crisis as trust between you both has broken down? Maybe abuse, addiction issues or other family accusations, take a confidential lie detector test and the truth will set you free. When you call or email you talk directly to a qualified polygraph examiner, we are not an agency. Over the years, we have assisted many people in dispute for many different reasons but we always find getting the truth is a liberating experience that has allowed clients to get their lives back on track one way or another. We have a female examiner who is also a trained counsellor for more sensitive cases.

  • Employee Theft/Fraud

    Employee theft is a major issue that concerns business owners today and can affect the morale in the company. Having staff take a lie detector test sends a message out to all that theft is not acceptable. We always say make sure any staff member is prepared to take a lie detector test as you may get your answer without needing us, it is a common case for us when we get no shows! We have worked on some very high profile cases for some large employers and using the polygraph correctly as an interrogation tool have delivered results. Whilst you cannot force an employee to take a lie detector test a refusal speaks volumes. Theft is a great case on the polygraph as the incident is black and white, this just increases overall accuracy.

  • Media & Current Affairs

    We have developed a specialist test based on the latest certified scientific techniques to help the media ensure their sources are truthful and trustworthy. Why not verify your sources first, using the lie detector you now can. We have worked on some high profile news stories and been featured in the UK press many times. Jason has worked with the UKs biggest You Tube stars Alfie and Zoella and even was the first in the world to run a lie detector test live on radio for BFBS radio that is broadcast to 16 countries. Our high accuracy rates and experience ensure we are the UKs no1 for the Media Industry.

  • Post Conviction Sexual Offender Testing (PCSOT)

    This is a specialized area of polygraph testing, requiring extra examiner training. We work closely with therapists and local communities and authorities to ensure that convicted sexual offenders are adhering to the rules of their treatment and probation, and ensure they are not involved in re-offending. We have Police officers now in the UK testing sex offenders on probation.

  • Tournament Federations

    It is well known that medals have been won wrongly with performance enhancing drugs although strictness is being maintained now but still athletes are using those drugs that are undetectable by any methods of medical tests.  A lie detector test can provide an efficient way to ensure fair play. We provide lie detector tests to ascertain if the medal were won righteously. This is now standard practice for natural body building competitions in the UK who have introduced random lie detector tests for winners. We have worked with some very well known sports stars who through their lawyers have turned to the polygraph to prove their innocence as our results are used in sports tribunals.

  • Bribery/Kickback allegations

    Polygraph tests can be administered in these situations for truth verification. Using the polygraph we can get to the bottom of the issue. You may be a individual who wants to prove your innocence or an employer looking for clarification. Bribery is a act that can not be proved by any medical examinations, lie detector test provides a cheap way to confirm if there has been a case of bribery.

  • False and malicious allegations

    You may be accused of doing something that you are unable to prove you didn’t do. Taking a polygraph examination will answer whether or not what the allegation or issue you have been accused of is true or not. A polygraph examination can be used to support you claim of innocence. Social media such as Facebook often sends us work indirectly when people abuse this media to try an upset someone by posting bogus information often from a fake account, we help the accused to set the record straight.

  • Proof of Innocence Lie Detector Tests

    Have you been accused of something you have not done but have no way to prove this to either a partner, your family or the accuser. Take a single issue lie detector test with us and get the evidence you need to set the record straight. A single issue lie detector test is 95% accurate, this is a higher accuracy rate than finger printing or DNA evidence. We work with you to develop questions that are suitable and enable you to prove your innocence. It’s my favorite test and the most popular that we run as the results are often life changing for the individuals concerned. Contact us today and talk to an examiner who will discuss your case with you.