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We provide professionally trained lie detector test examiners both male and female, all have Graduated from a American Polygraph Association School and attend regular training update sessions. We use the latest validated techniques and the most up to date equipment. Lie Detectors UK are a member of the American Polygraph Association (APA), and the National Polygraph Association (NPA), and the British and European Polygraph Association (BEPA). Call us and speak to an examiner, not an agency !


Lie Detector Test via Polygraph Testing, where all tests are Quality Controlled by another qualified examiner…….


Polygraph examinations / Lie Detector Test have been an effective and proven tool for truth verification or detecting lies/deceit. The polygraph allows you to prove innocence and expose lies quickly in the absence of other evidence.


Lie Detector Test UK is a valuable aid in conducting investigation. Lie Detection test or Scientifically known as Polygraph testing techniques has allowed investigators to either prove innocence or guilt of a suspect or witnesses and is widely used in American law enforcement. The Polygraph testing techniques saves investigator’s time and investigation costs by narrowing the focus of inquiry and providing a way to find the truth.


Do you have a feeling you are being lied to, need to prove your innocent, need a test to move on in your relationship. We provide a range of services tailored to the situation and work with you ensuring full confidentiality. Chief examiner Jason Hubble has worked some very prolific cases and been featured in many UK newspapers, he is widely recognised worldwide as a rising star in the field of polygraph, our other examiners including a female examiner, have been chosen carefully for their expertise. A world class team of examiners, don’t settle for second best, insist on the best for your Lie Detector Test, choose Lie Detectors UK….